Teaching little kids how to spell is the basic of elementary education

Teaching little kids how to spell is the basic of elementary education. It is an absolute essential for a child’s development. What bothers most teachers and parents is deciding the way which they should adopt to make the child learn better. Though a lot has been said and written about such techniques, the truth is it varies from child to child. While some kids are fast learners others like to take their own sweet time in learning things. Whatever may be the case, never underestimate the child and remember practice is the key to success. Begin with teaching the children alphabets; it will set the stage for them to learn spellings. Research indicates that by the age of 3-4 kids start identifying letters and they also realize that these are used to form words.

The next step should be teaching the children the meaning of words they are about to learn to spell. Try and give examples of new words by using them in your regular sentences in correct syntax. Children are better able to remember the spelling of a word if they remember how it is used and what does it mean. Making the kids learn to read first is a good idea before teaching them to write. Writing big bold alphabets and putting a tracing paper above it where the kids could practice on their own is something you could try. This will help to crave the words in your kid’s memory.

Most of the kids spell how they hear and how the word feels in their mouth. They might spell “came” as “kam” or “honest” as “onest”. This is known as “temporary learning” method. This method is useful to get little kids started. Once they start recognizing sounds and spellings, they learn how to be better at it. It is important that you make the kids correct their spelling mistakes and repeat them a number of times till they memorize it. A fun way to teach would be buying a magnetic board and magnetic letters. You could make a spelling game for your kids which will catch their attention. You can put up words and explain their meanings to the kids. Ask the child to name each letter. Take down the letters and let the child put the word back up. This method will help kids to understand better the order in which alphabets occur in a word.

Talking to the child about words and telling them how they are spelled is important if you want them to learn to spell. If a child sees that the new words that he is learning can be used to communicate in a better way, he will get motivated to learn more. This will make him more curious and willing to learn. Next time you write a letter or send a card, you might want to allow your youngster to add a note at the bottom of the card while you help her spell out her sentiments. This will motivate her to learn more.