Making children learn spelling

Teaching little kids to spell is one of the toughest jobs ever. It is difficult deciding how to go about the process and which one will give the best results. First of all, it is very important to teach kids the sound of words. This is the most basic step of learning to spell. To do this, it’s a good idea to begin with basic vowel sounds, and then move on, one by one, to vowel combinations. Children also need guidance regarding the pattern of spellings. They need to be presented the words in groups of similar sounds which will help them to understand and memorize better.

Good spellings are the fundamental part of a child’s development. Most children learn to spell better only by practice and more practice. Little kids should be made familiar with written letters where they can try and recognize the alphabets. After some practice and time, most kids will be able to identify letter patterns. Soon, they will also start connecting particular sounds with particular alphabets. Once they do it, its time to teach them the sound of words. During the initial dictation, kids will write solely based on what they hear and how the words feel in their mouth. This is known as “temporary learning.”

Once the kids get comfortable with recognizing sounds, the next step should be to make them spell better. For this practice is the key. Children need to have a store of correctly spelled words in mind from which they can infer spelling patterns, for one thing. For another, it is often unclear which pattern a word will follow: the word “read” could be spelled by many different patterns, including REED, REID, REDE, or REYED. Knowing these patterns helps, and the patterns can be learned by discovery; but knowing which pattern applies to a particular word requires some memorization.

Making children learn spellings for a spelling test each week is a good idea. Being a teacher accept that there will be mistakes in tests, and just look for consistency and improvement. After all, two out of 10 is twice as good as one out of 10! Always encourage the kids to learn more and practice more. Making students recognize their own miss-spelt words and then making them do corrections also helps them to memorize better. The “Look, Cover, Write, Check” method is a well tested and tried method which can be used to help kids learn better. The method involves:
• Look at a spelling word.
• Cover the spelling word.
• Visualize the covered word in the mind.
• Write the word from memory.
• Check what has been written with the uncovered word.

Just remember that kids need to eat well to have energy and desire to learn something. Cook them something special: fruit salad, cakes or french toasts. There are lots of sites with good french toast recipe for your kids. Just choose one of them and make your child happy so he/she will work hard and do all tasks.

In summary, the most effective and efficient way to learn spelling words is write each word 5 to 10 times (or more!) while saying the sounds and focusing on the specific spelling pattern used. It is simple, efficient and effective. Repeatedly writing the word while paying attention to and saying the sounds will help the kids learn spelling words.