Spelling Tutoring – A Gift Every Child Deserves

When you think of spelling for children, do you see it as a silly phase to be passed through out of necessity or do you see potential for growth in your child? If you’re of the latter opinion, then know that your wise decision could well translate to the growth of a child who could well become an ace communicator, one who will understand people and society and make decisions that could bring positive change.

Such an idea may seem steeped in the realms of fantasy, but spelling sure can lead to it. It’s the vats time scale in between—the actual learning process—which sees to our human minds feeling otherwise and saying it’s all impossible. (more…)

Spelling Tutoring – Teaching It Right

It can be one of the best things to give your child, namely the chance to learn spelling the right way. Many teachers and even schools, employ the useless method of rote or forced mugging up in order to learn how certain words are spelled. This is clearly not something many teachers would like to hear, but there’s no smoke without fire, as they say. This is not the spelling tutoring we’re talking about.

What this does is it gets the child thinking that the only route to success or passing tests is through a swallowing and vomiting method, like the one mentioned above. Carrying this trait into their adult lives, they do the same thing over and over again until they don’t really learn anything, just have useless facts running around in their minds. College sees the same rote routine taking place, after which the real world spits them out, because they can’t handle the truths called ‘efficiency’ and ‘being great at what they do’. (more…)

Spelling Tutoring – Words Just Became Easier To Learn

Only those who have genuine difficulty with the way words are spelt know just how hard it can be to memorize them. If you accepted to that word ‘memorize’ then you’ve been looking at spelling all wrong. The Internet is one of the best places to learn new things because, well, everything new is put up there!

Where spelling tutoring is concerned, you can see a large number of options available for you and/or your child. The advantages of learning good spelling are too numerous to list, but let’s see what you can get by way of basic stuff. (more…)