How little kids learn to spell better

A riddle that is yet to be solved is about how little kids learn to spell better. Psychologists once believed that little children use visual memory to learn the letters of a spelling like the beads of a necklace. Now, they have gone on to discover that the process is much more complex than that. A child learns to spell in a series of steps that follow in a chronological order. First of all the child should be made familiar with the spoken and written word structure. This is the basic step of learning to spell. Visual or “orthographic” memory is the most essential aspect of learning to spell. The ability of a child to spell is dependent on orthographic memory as well as the child’s ability to recognize speech sounds or phonemes. (more…)

Teaching little kids how to spell is the basic of elementary education

Teaching little kids how to spell is the basic of elementary education. It is an absolute essential for a child’s development. What bothers most teachers and parents is deciding the way which they should adopt to make the child learn better. Though a lot has been said and written about such techniques, the truth is it varies from child to child. While some kids are fast learners others like to take their own sweet time in learning things. Whatever may be the case, never underestimate the child and remember practice is the key to success. Begin with teaching the children alphabets; it will set the stage for them to learn spellings. Research indicates that by the age of 3-4 kids start identifying letters and they also realize that these are used to form words. (more…)

Making children learn spelling

Teaching little kids to spell is one of the toughest jobs ever. It is difficult deciding how to go about the process and which one will give the best results. First of all, it is very important to teach kids the sound of words. This is the most basic step of learning to spell. To do this, it’s a good idea to begin with basic vowel sounds, and then move on, one by one, to vowel combinations. Children also need guidance regarding the pattern of spellings. They need to be presented the words in groups of similar sounds which will help them to understand and memorize better. (more…)

Spelling for kids: how to improve spelling skills

Good spellings are the fundamental part of a child’s development but teaching little kids to spell is one of the toughest jobs ever. And kids could not be blames because teaching spellings in the English language could be quite a cumbersome work for the teacher as well. What comes to the aid in such situations is “phonics method”. As phonics uses a system that teaches children how to sound out words for reading, this system can be used to teach children how to spell. It is essential for the kids to know how to read before we jump to teaching them how to write. (more…)